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1. Enhanced delivery efficiency 

2. Scalable delivery framework



Can you briefly describe your company, your role, and the primary services/products you offer?

Sweetgreen is on a mission to build healthier communities by offering real, wholesome food. Founded with a vision to redefine fast food, Sweetgreen connects diners to a menu of fresh, seasonal, and responsibly-sourced ingredients. From our humble beginnings as a college startup to a leader in the fast-casual industry, we're out to change the way people think about and eat fast food.

What markets or customer segments

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Initial Challenges & Needs

What specific challenges or pain points led you to seek out our solution or services?

Securing new couriers for expanding into new markets posed a significant hurdle. Additionally, arranging last-minute coverage for delivery routes was another critical challenge we encountered.

How were these challenges affecting your business outcomes or operations?

​These challenges significantly impacted our operational stability, as inadequate courier coverage led to unpredictability in our service delivery and hindered our growth in both new and existing markets.

Were you considering other solutions or providers at the time? If so, which ones? 

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Discovery & Decision Process

How did you first hear about our company or product?

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What made our solution stand out or appeal to you as opposed to other you might have considered?

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Were there any initial reservations or concerns about using our product/service? How were they addressed?

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Implementation & Adoption

Can you describe the onboarding process and your initial experiences with our product/service?

Our onboarding process with FULFLLD was straightforward and efficient. They quickly adapted to our specific needs and were agile in sourcing couriers for our high-density locations.

How did our team support you during this phase?

The FULFLLD team maintained excellent communication every step of the way. They responded to our last-minute coverage requests promptly and effectively, ensuring no disruption in our operations.

Were there any challenges during the implementation or adoption phase? How were they resolved?

There were no major challenges during this phase. We did see minor courier reliability issues which impacted Fulflld metrics although these issues were resolved with the addition of new routes being added and optimized.


Results & Benefits

What tangible results have you seen since using our solution?

Our collaboration with FULFLLD has led to a significant uptick in operational efficiency. We've managed to save a substantial amount of time by using FULFLLD to manage our deliveries, which allows our team to concentrate on delivering high-quality service and fresh food to our customers. 

Are there any intangible benefits you've experienced? 

Partnering with FULFLLD significantly bolstered our brand reputation for our outpost deliveries. We've observed a improvement in customer feedback, reflecting a strengthened trust and satisfaction in the Sweetgreen experience.

How has our solution impacted your day-to-day operations or long-term strategy?

With the help of FULFLLD, our team can now adeptly manage and plan for increases in delivery volume. This strategic advantage has been crucial in our expansion efforts, enabling us to extend our reach and establish a presence in areas previously beyond our service scope.

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