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The Untapped Potential of Catering

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

People enjoying a catered meal

Catering isn't just an add-on service for restaurants; it's a significant revenue driver that can propel a restaurant's growth. With the rise of people returning to work and the increasing need for business catering, restaurants have a golden opportunity to tap into this lucrative market.

Why Catering Matters Now More Than Ever

  • Business Catering is Booming: About 40% of businesses that order catering do so at least once a week. The average order size for a business catering order for fewer than 20 people totals $350, as highlighted by ezcater.

  • Employee Productivity and Nutrition: Nutrition plays a pivotal role in employee productivity. Healthy diets are directly linked to increased cognitive function, better concentration, and higher energy levels. A 2022 Wakefield Research study, as mentioned on sharebite, found that 97% of office professionals reported that taking a lunch break improves their workday. Moreover, nearly 1 in 3 say that meal benefits would entice them to go to the office more often.

  • The Cost of Ignoring Nutrition: As per the same study, health-related employee productivity loss can cost employers 2-3 times more than annual healthcare expenses. Employees who rarely eat produce and other low-fat foods at work were 93% more likely to have a higher loss in productivity.

Choosing the Right Partner

Venturing into catering can be lucrative, but it's essential to choose the right partner to ensure success. A reliable partner can help streamline operations, manage logistics, and ensure that deliveries are timely and accurate. Having the right tech in place is crucial for seamless operations. For more insights on building a successful delivery strategy, see Food Delivery Edge. This not only enhances the customer experience but also builds trust and loyalty, leading to repeat business.

Food for Thought

Catering offers restaurants a chance to diversify their revenue streams and reach a broader audience. With the right strategy and partner, restaurants can leverage catering to boost their bottom line and enhance their brand reputation.

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